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Elevations - new methods.

Version 17 introduces new methods for creating elevations. In previous versions you would select a wall run and the elevation would show all the units touching that wall. You can now elevate everything in a particular snap zone, or elevate a collection of units selected in Drag and Drop. This would be used when units are not showing as part of a wall elevation due to not touching the wall. It can also be used to produce elevations of island units. These are in addition to the current methods for creating an elevation.

NOTE - the methods described below assume you are in Drag and Drop mode. If you are unfamiliar with Drag and Drop, detailed instructions can be found here - Positioning Units With Drag and Drop.

Details for changing between colour and line drawing elevations can be found here - Viewing your design - Elevations.

Elevating a snap zone.

Right-click on the wall you wish to elevate and select "Elevate SnapZone". This will create an elevation of everything within the snap zone, not just the units touching the selected wall.

Elevating a collection of units in Drag and Drop.

Select the items you wish to elevate, right-click on the collection and select "Elevate Selected".

Repeat for the remaining sides.

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