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HD Rendering.

Set your camera, lighting and colours as normal. Once you are happy with the camera position, select "HD Rendering" under "View" - "3D Options".

NOTE: If "HD Render" is greyed out and cannot be selected, your dongle needs to be upgraded. Please contact Client Care on +44 (0) 1923 888 101.

HD Rendering uses a more realistic lighting model. The cost for a more realistic render is the time taken to produce the image. The more reflective or curved surfaces in the design, the longer it takes to render.

When starting a HD Render ArtiCAD performs some initial calculations during which the screen is white. This can take several minutes depending on the quality level.

You can reduce the time taken for the render by reducing the quality. Slide the quality bar to the left for lower quality, to the right for higher quality.

Some example timings, using an AMD Quad-core system.

The first image below is a standard Photo-realistic render. The second is the same view rendered in high-quality HD.

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