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Version 17 - installation issues.

A minority of users have encountered the following issues when updating to Version 17.

If you cannot find a solution to your problem below, please contact Technical Support on +44 (0) 1923 888 101.

Downloading the update.

Issue: the update does not download completely, or you get an error when you try to run it.

Solution: the download may have been interrupted or your anti-virus software may have stopped the download.

If you are still unable to download the update after trying the above, please contact Client Care on +44 (0) 1923 888 101.

HASP error h003.

Issue: after updating to Version 17 you get a HASP error, possibly with the code "H003".

Solution: run the file C:\articad\Licenses\install_RTE.bat

30 Day Trial message.

Issue: after updating to Version 17 you get a message warning you that you have a 30 day trial version.

Solution: download the latest dongle drivers available here: dongle drivers.

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Stability issues.

Issue: ArtiCAD closes randomly.

Solution: there are several potential causes for this issue. Check the following.

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Slow photo-realistic rendering.

Issue: rendering a view in photo-realistic mode takes longer than Version 16.

Solution: the level of detail in the 3D models used by Version 17 is much higher than Version 16, so it will take longer to render. A performance increase can be acheived by activating multi-core rendering, instructions for which can be found here - Enable multi-core rendering.

The dongle drivers install a number services which run in the background. These can cause a drop in performance. Instructions on disabling these services can be found here - Disabling Sentinel Server.

Also check that your system meets our minimum requirements, available here - ArtiCAD - system requirements.

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Keyboard shortcuts, toolbars and file locations reset to default.

Issue: Keyboard shortcuts (F5, F6 etc), toolbar buttons at the top of the screen and the default file load/save locations have returned to their default values.


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