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Edit materials.

Rendering Colours dialog.

When you select a colour from the list the preview is now rendered on a cube instead of a "flat" sample.

Edit Materials dialog.

The layout of the Edit Materials dialog has changed in Version 17.

The various changes are explained below.

Pre-defined materials.

This allows you to save a single material for use elsewhere.

A material refers to a colour or a texture with a given reflectance, bump map and transparency.

Change the colour or texture, reflectance etc. Click "Save to predefined materials".

Enter a name for this new material (in the above example "high gloss white").

To use a pre-defined material, click "Load a predefined material".

Select the colour from the list and click "OK" (in the above example "high gloss white").

Texture size.

You can now specify a width and a height for the selected texture. This is discussed in more detail in the Rectangular tiling section.

Advanced settings.

The "Reflectance" selecton is now found under the "Advanced" tab.

Do not change the other values in the "Reflectance Settings" section ("Ambient factor", "Diffuse factor" etc) unless instructed to do so by ArtiCAD Technical Support.

Bump mapping.

With bump mapping.

Without bump mapping.

Bump mapping (or "Displacement Settings") gives a texture "roughness". This can produce a more realistic looking finish.

Select "Bump map" to activate. "Auto Bump Map" will create roughness based on the colours used in the texture (brighter the colour, the higher it will appear). "Amplitude" will increase the roughness (values between 0.1 and 1.0).


"Plain Transparency" is a percentage between 0 (solid) and 100 (completely transparent). "Transparency texture" uses the colours in the selected texture to determine how transparent the item will appear (black = completely transparent, white = completely solid).

Allow light through.

Even with transparency selected, the item will still cast a shadow as if solid. Tick "Allow Light Through" to stop the item casting a shadow.

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